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Wise Up with your Social Media & Insurance

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Social Media and Insurance -

I've been shopping for insurance, all I can say is "WHAT A DEBOCKLE!"  I thought I'd tip-toe through a few links I discovered as I began to amuse myself with looking at insurance through my perspective.  Kind of enlightening.

OK, maybe be you think it's common sense...but WOW!  I am not going to tell you the whole story here...in just a few clicks you can get the info yourself!


I don't know if you are actively searching for insurance, or are currently an insurance agent but with the changes in technology...it won't be long that you will be effected by insurance's reach into social media.  So my words of warning to the wise...watch what info you put out on the major social media sites...make sure you really want to "Foursquare" yourself...etc.  Just stay sharp.

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